Many physicians view PRA-BC as a unique recruitment tool to attract physicians who are committed to practicing in communities with acute physician shortages. Others see the role as a chance to give back to their profession by participating in a program which will provide medical care to underserved areas. Finally, many see this as a unique mentoring position and an opportunity to gain valuable skills that they can apply to other teaching roles. Attendance at assessor workshops is required and carries professional continuing learning credits.


The CFA provides PRA-BC with a comprehensive review of the candidate's clinical performance and their professional and ethical practice. Assessors will ensure that candidates are given the opportunity to see patients in every aspect of family practice and in all settings, including the office, hospital, ER, nursing homes, and the patient's home.  Candidates will also be required to take their turn on call. 

Although assessors are primarily in an evaluating role, it is recognized that mentoring and teaching are foreseeable aspects of their relationship with the candidate. Assessors are responsible for ensuring that evaluation forms are completed in a timely manner and forwarded to the PRA-BC office. The forms are analyzed and a Pass/Fail decision is delivered to candidates by PRA-BC at the end of the 12-week CFA.

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