Pre-Screening for eligibility

Health Match BC assists PRA-BC in the initial pre-screening of all applications to PRA-BC.

Pre-screening criteria are based on eligibility requirements as set out by PRA-BC and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC).

Applications for the Fall 2018 intake have ended. PRA-BC is now accepting applications for the Spring 2019 intake and beyond. 

A] Pre-screening criteria

1.       Minimal requirements include:

a.      Successful completion of a medical degree issued by a school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS). 

b.      2 years of postgraduate training in an international jurisdiction leading to registration or recognition as a general/family physician in that jurisdiction.

c.       Demonstration of completion of 7 core rotations:

 i.      A minimum of 4 weeks of postgraduate training in each of internal/general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine.

 ii.      A minimum of 8 weeks of postgraduate training in family practice.

d.      Evidence of having completed a minimum of 2 years in discipline-specific independent practice as a general or family practitioner in that or another international jurisdiction.

e.      Academic credentials verification of medical degree, passport, medical licensure/registration, and postgraduate training letters that confirm completion of the 7 core rotations through

f.        Currency in practice – section 2-8 of CPSBC bylaws – must show evidence of minimum of 24 weeks (960 hours) of clinical practice as a General/Family Practitioner in the immediately preceding 3 years.

g.       CV with all gaps greater than 1 month fully explained.

h.      English language proficiency, as required by the CPSBC.

i.         MCCEE* pass score.

*The last session of the MCCEE will be held in November 2018.  Starting in 2019, the MCCQE Part 1 will be offered in Canada and internationally in over 80 countries up to 5 times per year.  All applicants to PRA-BC will be required to obtain a pass score on the MCCQE Part 1.

j.    EFFECTIVE FOR SPRING 2019 INTAKE: a pass score on the MCCQE Part 1. 

k.   EFFECTIVE FOR SPRING 2019 INTAKE: A National Assessment Collaboration Objective Structured Clinical Examination (NAC OSCE) minimum score of 75 OR a pass score on the MCCQE Part 2. 

In summary:

For Spring and Fall 2018 intakes:

  • Applicants must meet pre-screening criteria 1.a thru 1.i
  • Selected PRA-BC candidates must attend the PRA-BC Phase 1 Orientation and complete the Centralized Assessment examinations (PRA-BC OSCE and MCC TDM*) held in Vancouver, BC.

*PRA applicants  are permitted 1 MCC TDM exam attempt per calendar year.  If you have registered for a 2018 MCC TDM exam administration in a jurisdiction other than Vancouver, your MCC TDM pass/fail result obtained in that jurisdiction will be counted as your 2018 MCC TDM examination standing.

Click here for a PDF of 2018 pre-screening requirements

Spring 2019 intakes and beyond:

  • Applicants must meet pre-screening criteria 1.a thru 1.h AND the following 2 new criteria:
    • 1.j: a pass score on the MCCQE Part 1, and
    • 1.k: a NAC OSCE minimum score of 75 OR a pass score on the MCCQE Part 2. 

Register for the NAC OSCE

Register for the MCCQE Part 2

Click here for a PDF of 2019 pre-screening requirements

B]  PRA-BC internal review and CPSBC ruling of eligibility for registration/licensure

Applicants who meet all of the pre-screening criteria undergo a second review by PRA-BC. This review determines which applicants will be forwarded to the CPSBC to determine their eligibility for registration and licensure.

This is a highly competitive process.  PRA-BC receives and reviews a large number of applications.  As well, the CPSBC limits the number of PRA-BC applicants that may be reviewed per year.

Once an applicant has received a favorable CPSBC ruling of eligibility, applicants may then be referred to health authorities for potential interview, selection, and admission to PRA-BC.

Applicants who have undergone a second PRA-BC internal review, and hold a positive ruling of eligibility for registration from the CPSBC, may be invited to sit a MCC TDM exam administration in Vancouver.  A pass standing on the MCC TDM is required to participate in a PRA-BC intake.

Click here for more information about PRA-BC's  assessment process and TDM requirements.

 Please note:  Eligibility criteria can change at any time without notice. 

Click here to learn about the process of being referred to the different health authorities