Return of Service Contract

All PRA-BC participants must commit to a three-year return of service (ROS) period in a rural community of need identified by British Columbia’s health authorities. Each health authority has its own specific criteria for the selection of ROS communities. These communities are designated by health authorities where successful participants must practice for a minimum of three years after successfully completing PRA-BC’s centralized assessment examinations and a 12-week clinical field assessment.

The ROS Contract is a legally binding agreement between PRA-BC candidates and the Province of British Columbia.  This contract requires you to provide full-time medical service, for three consecutive years, in a community of need as arranged with your sponsoring health authority.

Click here for a sample ROS contract  

PRA-BC strongly recommends that all candidates obtain independent legal advice prior to signing the ROS agreement.

PRA-BC Program Evaluation

The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine Division of Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), Psychometrics and Assessment Services were commissioned by the PRA-BC Steering Committee to conduct an independent process evaluation of the PRA-BC Program between March and December 2015. 

Click here for a copy of the Evaluation of the British Columbia Practice Ready Assessment (PRA-BC) Program Pilot 2015