Fall 2018 intake

PRA-BC will continue to evaluate candidates through a two-step evaluation process consisting of a Centralized Assessment and a 12-week Clinical Field Assessment (CFA).

The Centralized Assessment is designed to assess a candidate's overall clinical knowledge and is composed of two examinations:

  1. An objective structured clinical (OSCE) examination

  2. The Medical Council of Canada Therapeutics Decision Making (TDM) examination

Exam Preparation

PRA-BC, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine's Division of Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD),  delivers a comprehensive orientation and exam preparation program for PRA-BC candidates.  Click here for details.

Only those candidates who successfully complete the Centralized Assessment will be eligible to move forward to the second evaluation component, a 12-week CFA.

Spring 2019 and all future intakes

PRA-BC will eliminate the Centralized Assessment. 

To be eligible to attend a 12-week CFA for the Spring 2019 intake and beyond, candidates must:

  1. Meet PRA-BC and CPSBC pre-screening eligibility requirements

  2. Be selected by a participating BC health authority as a sponsored candidate

  3. Achieve a pass standing on the MCC TDM examination

How do I register for the MCC TDM?

Applicants who have undergone PRA-BC's internal review and hold a positive ruling of eligibility for registration from the CPSBC may be invited to sit a MCC TDM exam administration in Vancouver.

Current MCC TDM exam administration dates in Vancouver are:

  • October 15, 2018

  • January 17, 2019

  • June 25, 2019

Applicants will be charged an MCC TDM examination fee. 

  1. You will be required to pay this fee to PRA-BC prior to sitting the MCC TDM.

  2. If an applicant is selected by a BC health authority as a sponsored candidate and completes a 12-week CFA, PRA-BC will reimburse the candidate the full examination fee.

Applicants who have been selected by a health authority and have been confirmed as a sponsored candidate for a PRA-BC intake will be required to attend a Centralized Orientation, held in Vancouver. The Centralized Orientation is designed to prepare candidates for their 12-week CFA and will be scheduled immediately prior to their scheduled CFA.

Clinical Field Assessment (CFA)

The Clinical Field Assessment (CFA) is designed to evaluate a candidate's readiness for independent medical practice as a most responsible physician and subsequent career as a family physician in British Columbia. Candidates will spend 12 weeks in a specified community, under the direct supervision of  trained physician assessors, where their clinical skills will be observed and assessed.

Note: Candidates will undergo their CFA in a community that differs from the community where they will fulfill their three-year return of service (ROS).

Spring 2019 intakes and beyond

A pass standing on the MCC TDM examination is required for a PRA-BC candidate to be eligible to first attend a Centralized Orientation and subsequently proceed to a 12-week CFA.

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